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In the last chapter...

Amy could feel the fabric of her clothes break. 'This isn't good' was was the only thought that passed through her mind.

"Why is this happening to me!" Amy yelled.

After saying that, the door to the office cracked open.


The door to the office creacked open to reveal a familiar face. The green eyed, dirty blond steped into the office and saw Amy laying on the floor.

"Amy!" She gasped.

Amy was very relieved to see her friend. "Amara..." Amy tryed to speak but she could hardly form words.

"Amy! what happened to you!?" Amara rushed to Amy to see if she was alright.

"" Amy panted and pleaded. She didn't know why but for some reason she whanted to get out of there as quickly as possible.

Amara nodded and wraped Amy's arm over her sholder and wraped her own arm around Amy's waist. She began to mutter something about 'have you been gaining weight' as she tryed to help Amy up from the floor.

The two of them exited the office, but just as they did the docter came back and tryed to stop them from leaving, "You don't understand miss. You can't take your friend just yet. We found something strange in her blood. She needs to stay here." said the docter while blocking there path.

"And I told you, I don't care! If my friend wants to leave right now then I'm taking her with me!"

Though the docter was being as plite as possible, Amara was getting very irritated, more so than usual. The docter kept on and on about how they shouldn't leave. Amara could feel her blood rising more and more. Her fist tightened and she grited her teeth. The docter was now getting nervous and a little frighten but not enough to let her pass by. Amara could feel something snap inside her. Her eyes then glowed bright yellow and her teeth grew large and sharp. "GET OUT OF MY WAY!" She growled in a almost inhuman vioce. This startled the docter and he quickly stepped to the side. Amara passed him a made her way out the door where she was greeted by Michelle.

"What took so long in there?" Michelle questioned.

Without meaning to, Amara snaped at her. "THAT'S NONE OF YOUR BUSINESS!"

Amara saw the sad look in Michelle's eyes and apallogized. "Sorry, I didn't mean to snap at you, I've been a little moody lately."

"Sure It's not your time of the month?" Michelle giggle.


Amy listened to the two's coversation and even though her body was still in iments pain, she lifted her head and began to speak. "Why did the two of you come here?"

"Lita called us and told us to bring you back to her place as soon as possible. She said it was important." said Michelle.

Amy wanted to ask what was so important but felt a wave of nasia come over her, so she simply nodded and aloud her head fall back down, letting her bangs cloack her now green face. Amara, being remarkably strong for a woman, carried Amy across the parking lot with Michelle following close like a lost puppy. When they reached the car Amara gently laid Amy down in the back seat. Michelle smiled, thinking it was cute and hopped into the passanger seat. Amara got in and turned the key. As soon as the engine started, hard rock music blared loudly through the speakers. The car took off with a small screach.

After a little while of ridding in the back Amy began to feel even worse. The back and forth swaying of the car intensifide her nasia and the pownding music was giving her a headache. Amy was about to ask them to turn down the noise but a sudden stab in her stomach caused her to curl into the fetal position with paralizing pain. Holding herself as tight as hands could muster, her mouth gaped open but no screams were released. This pain was so unbearable, it was worse than the time at the docter's office. Amy felt something, a strange feeling of warmth pouring into her body, spreading and expanding. Her black sweatshorts were so tight now it felt like some one was giving her an atomic wegey and the zipper to her blue jacket broke open. Amy tryed to get Amara and Michelle's attention but she could move, couldn't speak, and thier music was too loud to hear anything. There was nothing Amy could do but lay there and grow.

Seconds passed and Amy's sweatshorts compressed tighter to her skin, cutting off the cerculation and make her legs go numb. The blue jacket's sleeves rose up to her elbows and with the zipper broken apart her breast were exposed and they to began to grow. Sweatdrops formed on Amy's forhead. Her shorts began to split down the sides, releasing their grip from around her legs.

Amy could feel herself getting too cramped for the back seat. Amy's body began to press up against the two front seats. Amara and Michelle finaly turned around and stared in shock. Amara slamed on the brakes and spun around in her seat to fully look at Amy, "What in God's name!..."

"It looks like she's getting bigger." Michelle stated.

Amara opened her door and got out. She reached behind the seat grabed Amy's arm and tryed to pull her out of the car, but Amy wouldn't buge. Michelle got out of the car aswell and walked around to try and help Amara, but as she did this Amy had another growth spurt.

Amy's foot broke out one of the windows as her body compressed against the walls, bending the metal. Amy busted through the top of roof and rose to her full highth.

Amy had finaly stopped growing for the time being. She was now about 8ft tall with small C cup sized breast. She struggle out of the car's roof and almost triped.

Amara stared at the car and sighed, "Well there goes my car." Michelle patted Amara on the head.

The blue haired giantess looked back down at Michelle and Amara and crouched down so she'd be at eye level with them.

"I'm sorry about your car Amara." Amy apologized.

"Don't worry about it." Amara said.

"But how do we get to Lita's now?" said Michelle.

Right then, a red truck came diving down the road. Amy's face turned red, "Oh no! they'll see me!" She quickly got to her feet, ran over to the busted car, picked it up and tryed to hide herself behind it. The red truck stoped when it reached the three girls. The driver to the truck steped out. "Wait a minute, I know that guy." Amy said while peeking her head out from behind the car.

The man noticed Amy. He looked up at her with a look of surprized but then smiled and waved, "Hey your that girl from earlier." said the man who had pickded Amy up on the side of the road early that morning.

Amy laid the car back down. Then he was shocked at how tall she looked but strangely not too shocked. Amy began to explain every thing to him.

"Sounds to me your in quite the predicument. If you want I can give you a lift." he said.

"Would you? that would a great help!" Amy said happily.

"Are you sure thats such a good idea? I mean, do you even know this guy that well?" wispered Michelle to Amy.

"Oh yes, he's very nice." replyed Amy.

After Amy said that Michelle and Amara decided to trust the man as well.

Amy turned her attetion back to the man, "By the way, I don't think I caught your name the last time we meet. My name is Amy."

"And mine is Leo."

After the interdutions Leo got back into the drivers seat while Amara sat in the passeger seat and Michelle sat inbetween them. Amy, on the other hand, had to ride in the back of the truck with her legs hanging out. Then they were off to Lita's house.

When they got to Amy's house it was already night time outside. Amy, Michelle, and Amara got out while Leo waited in the truck. The three girls went to the door and rang the doorbell. There was no answear but a crash from the inside. Amy knocked on the door, "Lita, are you home?!" There was a moment of silence, that was until a large object came breaking down the door. Amy, Michelle, and Amara had moved out of the way and looked at the large object.

"Is...that a...hand?" wispered Michelle to Amara.

"I think your right." Amara replyed back.

Then they all hear the sounds of something breaking. They looked above and was the small cracks forming on the side of the house. Some large figure came busting out. It was about 11 or 12 ft tall. It was pail in the moon light with long brown hair. It was... Lita?

"L-Lita, is that you?" Amy stared up with large scared eyes.

Lita looked down at her freinds with a embarrassed and sad face, "Oh great, as if I wasn't tall enough already."

Right then, Amara and Michelle began to feel a little strange. They both hunched over and screamed in pain. The fabric to their clothing began to streach and small rips started to apear.

"Ahhh! What's happening to us!" screamed Amara.

Then there was a loud evil laugh that suddenly came out of nowhere. everyone turned in the direction of the laughter where a shadowy form stood. It steped out of the shadows and reveled itself.

"Leo?... what's so funny?" questioned Amy.

"Nothing really, It just seems like I'm going to have to eliminate all of you now." Leo said casually.

"What?" said Amy.

Leo's form then began to change. His skin started to grow fur and his body changed into a wolf-like creature.

"Leo?! your one of those wolf-aliens?!" yelled Amy with surpize.

Leo began to speak in a inhuman vioce, "That other wolf-alien was just a pawn. It seems that when you girls fought him you four had gained some of our powers but it also had a strange growth effect on you. That's why I was stalking you."

Amy gasped, "You were the one that was following me in the forest."

"Yes my dear, and since you've gained these powers I can't allow you to live."

Lita rose to her hieght, "Oh ya, I'd like to see you try." Lita then transformed into Sailor Jupiter and had grown 14 ft tall. She got into a fighting stance.

"Jupiter thunder...CRASH!" Lita yelled out her attack.

The attack came hurttling towards Leo. He opened his mouth and let out a loud wolf's howl. The ground shuck as vibratoins from the howl pushed Jupiter's attack right back at her. She fell backwards and landed on what remained of her house. Her house was completely distroyed now.

"You jerk! You destroyed my house!"

Leo chuckled evily, "No, you did."

Lita face blushed with an irritated look. She got to her feet again and back into her fighting stance. She looked over to Amy who was still surpized by Leo being a wolf-alien,"Hey Amy, mind helping me out!"

Amy snaped out of it and nodded with determination. She then transformed into Sailor Mercury and rose to her new 11 ft self, "We will stop you Leo!"

After that was said Amara and Michelle bursted out of thier clothes. Thier bodies grew rapidly to 10 ft as they screamed out. After thier growth was over Amara spoke, "You'll have to deal with us too!"

"That's right!" spoke Michelle.

Both Amara and Michelle transformed into Sailor Uranus and Sailor Neptune and were now standing 12 ft tall.

Leo grined, "Oooh fisty, just the way I like my prey." He begain to charge at Mercury. Not ready to react, Amy shreeked. Neptune released one of her attacks followed by Uranus. Leo jumped back once, then a second, dodgeing both of them. Jupiter tried to grab him but he was too fast. Instead, she ran straight into the powerlines and became tangle up. Leo quickly dashed into the darkness, where he couldn't be seen. Mercury ran over to help Jupiter out of the powerlines.

After Jupiter was out of the powerlines there was an echoing laughter within the darkness, "Ha ha ha! Stupid girls you'll never catch me. Your bodies have grown too big and have made you slow and clumsy!"

He let out another earth-shaking howl from some unknown direction. The howl hurt the Sailor Scouts large and sensitive ears. They fell to their knees trying to cover their ears.

After the sound stopped Mercury begain to speak, "He's right this isn't working."

"But then what do we do?" said Neptune.

Uranus suddenly gasped, "Neptune! Your body...It's glowing!"

Neptune gazed down at her red glowing hands, body and outfit.

"Hmm? Just like the other night." Stated Mercury. Then suddenly her body and outfit started glowing red as well, followed by Jupiter and Uranus.

They looked down at themselfs with questioning faces. "But what does this mean?" spoke Jupiter. Soon, a four red wonds apeared in their hand.

"This must be that strange new ability again." Spoke Michelle.

"Then lets put it to good use." Said Uranus, getting ready to fight again.

The Sailor Scouts nodded and got ready for the second wave of attack. Without warning, Leo jumped out from the darkness and charged at them with another ear-shattering howl, but this time it was different. Instead of it hitting it's target, the Sailor Scouts release thier new attacks all at the same time and pushed Leo's attack to the side and vaporised him.

The battle was finally over. The Sailor Scouts returned back to their normal selves and back to their regular heights. They were all very releaved. Lita, who didn't have a house any more, desided it would be best to stay over at Amy's house...for once. Michelle and Amara got back to their lives as well.


Everything had returned back to normal, but even so, Amy hadn't forgotten about the incident. She decided to stay up late that night doing her homework (in which she often did). The moon was shineing very brightly. But something caught her attention. Her house clock begain to ding and she turned to look at the time.

"It's exactly one month later now." She thought back to what had happened. She then sighed and returned back to work. But her eyes soon got tired and she decided to call it a night. She yawned and walked to the bathroom to brush her teeth. In the bathroom, she got her toothbush ready to put in her mouth, but when she looked in the mirror and stared in shock of what she saw. Looking deeply into her eyes, their original blue color slowly faded away into yellow.

"No...not again." She wispered.

A sharp pain hit her side and she fell to the ground with tears in her eyes while her clothes tightened.

"No...not again! PLEASE...NOT AGAIN!"


2nd part of the 5th Contest Entry by :iconbluefoxmask:
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Will there be another one cuz it leaves room for more in my mind
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Nice story. It had a very interesting twist.
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Very interesting :D Quite the unique plot twist too. Good job, Blue.:thumbsup:
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